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EMU pro 8
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EMU Classic


Ecumaster EMU Classic Engine Management

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    De EMU is een compact stand-alone motor management systeem, in staat tot 12 cilinders aan te sturen. De EMU regelt brandstof-, ontstekings-, turbo, verstelbare nokkenassen als VVT en Vanos. Er zijn tal van motor beveilings mogelijkheden om zo de motor optimaal en vooral veilig te laten functioneren.

    -6 ignition outputs WITH built-in drive stages. Able to drive both active and passive coils. Perfect for those who drive a BMW turbo, for example.
    -6pcs (5A) diffuser drive.
    -Double cam control.
    -Support for double cam triggers (VR, HALL, Opti)
    -Primary triggers take VR, HALL or optical. All common patterns.
    -Built-in 4 bar map sensor.
    -2 built-in exhaust temp channels (EGT).
    -Built-in broadband lambda. (Bosch 4.2) It is of course possible to use an external meter and take out an analog signal if you want to drive with a meter in the car.
    -4 pcs stepper outputs.
    -6st AUX (5A).
    -2 inputs for driving with active knock control.
    -Exact charge pressure control. Either open or closed loop.
    -Exact and fast lambda control.
    - Pre-entered sensor value for the most common sensors on the market.
    -Limphome mode if any sensor breaks. This can also be connected to the check engine lamp.
    -VE 16x16.
    Ignition table 16x16.
    -Barometer compensation.
    Idle control of the type PWM, Stepper, 3-wire PWM, ON / OFF and unipolar steppers. Ie 95% -of all standard idle engines. You can run them either open or closed loop.
    -Those who do not drive with an idle engine, there is an active regulation of the ignition angle that helps you to a stable and even idle.
    -User-friendly software in 2D, 3D or table.
    -Extremely good and fast logging that can log 100 parameters. You decide how many and which parameters you want to keep track of.
    -Communication is pure USB no hassle with adapters.
    -High quality of the connectors and cable harnesses.
    -Manual in English.