EMU PRO Software Version 99.3 is Now Officially Available

🚀 Exciting News: EMU PRO Software Release 99.3 is Here! 🚀

We are thrilled to announce the latest software release for Ecumaster EMU PRO - Version 99.3! This update brings a host of powerful enhancements and features that will take your engine management and tuning capabilities to the next level.

🌟 What's New in EMU PRO Software Release 99.3? 🌟

Most Important Firmware Features:
Support for 4D and scalar tables (automatic conversion during the upgrade/load process for the following tables: Ignition Angle Base, Fuel Lambda target Base, Boost Target Base, DBW Accelerator translation)
ECUMASTER and Grayhill CANbus keyboard support
Flat shift and RPM-matching blip support for manual gearboxes
Fixed dwell time issue during spark cut
Electronic wastegate control support
Virtual Fuel Tank support in ADU
Ignition lock now functions correctly with the Idle strategy
Improved paddle shift strategy
Resolved fuel short-term trim issues
ALS now works correctly with Overrun
Shiftec GCU support added
DBW tracking check is now more adequate
New primary trigger decoder: Evo X
New vehicle specific CAN streams
More engine safety strategies
Most Important Client Features:
Proper management of ECU memory limits by the Client
Improved look and feel of the application menu bar
Enhanced VVT Tuner
Stability improvements for the Client
Save .CANX File: generated channel names are now compatible with ADU
More content added to the in-app help

You can find the full change logg here: https://www.ecumaster.com/files/EMU_PRO/EMU_PRO_ChangeLog.pdf

We continu to optimize our software and add new features. Experimental software with the latest updates is available at www.ecumaster.com/tv

💡 Whether you're a professional tuner or an enthusiastic DIYer, EMU PRO Software Release 99.3 empowers you with the tools you need to achieve optimal engine performance.

📥 How to Get the Update:

Updating your EMU PRO is simple. Just visit our website and follow the instructions to download and install the latest software version. Don't forget to update your firmware for the best experience!

The software supports both EMU PRO 8 and EMU PRO 16 devices.
It is available at the EMU PRO product page: https://www.ecumasterbenelux.eu

Join the thousands of tuners and enthusiasts who trust Ecumaster to deliver cutting-edge engine management solutions. With this latest release, we're committed to helping you achieve your performance goals with even greater precision and ease.

Thank you for choosing Ecumaster EMU PRO. We can't wait to see what you'll accomplish with this powerful new update! 💪

Stay tuned for more updates, and happy tuning!


EMU Serie

1.814,18 €
2.199,01 €

Engine Management Unit


EMU Serie

EMU pro 8
1.401,68 €
1.699,00 €

Engine Management Unit

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